Between the Veils

calendar_today September 10, 2023
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Sermon 68 in Series

Exodus 25:23-40
[23] “You shall make a table of acacia wood. Two cubits shall be its length, a cubit its breadth, and a cubit and a half its height. [24] You shall overlay it with pure gold and make a molding of gold around it. [25] And you shall make a rim around it a handbreadth wide, and a molding of gold around the rim. [26] And you shall make for it four rings of gold, and fasten the rings to the four corners at its four legs. [27] Close to the frame the rings shall lie, as holders for the poles to carry the table. [28] You shall make the poles of acacia wood, and overlay them with gold, and the table shall be carried with these. [29] And you shall make its plates and dishes for incense, and its flagons and bowls with which to pour drink offerings; you shall make them of pure gold. [30] And you shall set the bread of the Presence on the table before me regularly.

[31] “You shall make a lampstand of pure gold. The lampstand shall be made of hammered work: its base, its stem, its cups, its calyxes, and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. [32] And there shall be six branches going out of its sides, three branches of the lampstand out of one side of it and three branches of the lampstand out of the other side of it; [33] three cups made like almond blossoms, each with calyx and flower, on one branch, and three cups made like almond blossoms, each with calyx and flower, on the other branch—so for the six branches going out of the lampstand. [34] And on the lampstand itself there shall be four cups made like almond blossoms, with their calyxes and flowers, [35] and a calyx of one piece with it under each pair of the six branches going out from the lampstand. [36] Their calyxes and their branches shall be of one piece with it, the whole of it a single piece of hammered work of pure gold. [37] You shall make seven lamps for it. And the lamps shall be set up so as to give light on the space in front of it. [38] Its tongs and their trays shall be of pure gold. [39] It shall be made, with all these utensils, out of a talent of pure gold. [40] And see that you make them after the pattern for them, which is being shown you on the mountain.

DEEP SHEET: Sermon Study Questions
1.   How does the ark function as a container of remembrance? How does the Bible help us to continually remember God’s work on our behalf?
2.   How is the table similar to the ark? In what ways do the table and lampstand further emphasize holiness?
3.   What is the purpose of the bread? How does it point backwards and forwards?
4.   How is the lampstand both functional and symbolic? What does it say about the Lord and his people?
5.   How does the lampstand with its lamps anticipate the coming of Christ? What does it practically look like for Christians to be “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14)?
6.   Now that we have looked at the furniture within the two sections of the tent, what justification do we have for saying that the tabernacle is deeply christological?

References: Hebrews 9:4; Leviticus 24:5-9; Philippians 4:19; John 6:32-35; 1 Corinthians 6:18-20; Exodus 27:20-21; John 8:12; 12:46; Matthew 5:14.

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