Addressing Abba

calendar_today July 2, 2017
menu_book Matthew 6:9

Matthew 6:9b
[9b] Our Father in heaven,

DEEP SHEET: Sermon Study Questions
1.   How do we already see God’s fatherliness and heavenliness in the verses leading up to The Lord’s Prayer? (Matthew 6:6, 8)
2.   How does this address – “Our Father in heaven” – instruct us not to pray in isolation? What does it look like to interlace our prayers with intercession?
3.   What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the only unique Son? What is the problem with appropriating God as Father without being mindful of the Son? (John 1:14; 3:35; Luke 1:35; Matthew 11:27)
4.   Why do we say that God is not the Father of every person? What are some symptoms that a Christian has lost sight of the right and privilege of knowing and addressing God as Father? (John 1:12; Galatians 4:5-6)
5.   How does this address call us to readiness and reverence in prayer? What are some signs that we may be dethroning God as we approach him in prayer? (Ecclesiastes 5:2)
6.   What does this address communicate about God’s willingness and ability to meet our needs? (Philippians 4:19; Ephesians 1:3; John 10:29; 1 Peter 5:7)
7.   How does this address also function as a call to holiness? (Matthew 5:48)

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