Ken Speir


I tell the children of the church that I am “so old that I was once dead.” What a wondrous mystery that God would save a wretch like me while I was an enemy to his cause and “dead” in my trespasses and sins. Now I have a glorious fellowship and what a peace is mine as I rest in Christ’s finished work which motivates me to strive to glorify God and serve the saints at Four Corners Church.

Michelle and I have been married more than 35 years and have three children and three precious grandchildren.

Vocationally, I fly for Delta Air Lines. We’ve lived all over the world but Four Corners Church has proven to be “our calling” to make downtown Newnan our permanent home. We are amazed that the Lord has totally changed our course and placed our family right where He wants us and right where we needed to be for sanctification, maturity and growth in His word and in His ways. We are blessed by so many from such diverse places in our “body” at Four Corners. The body of the church has become our family, and we are so thankful.

My desire for Four Corners is to learn, teach, explore, utilize, challenge and expound on the Scriptures. We should long to pattern our lives as close as we possibly can to the example of Jesus so as to serve and love all those we touch in our lives.

My primary responsibilities as a lay Elder are Communications, Hospitality and Church Operations.

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